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2020-10-24, 07:00:28
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Author Topic: Low impedance Pickup Research  (Read 125 times)
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My interest in guitar pickups had some of my builds looking a bit  like things from the tpu videos.
In particular the garage version made from aluminum speaker type rings and small ferrite xformers linking the upper and lower pickup(ring) at 180 deg.

This link is from a group of dedicated and  practical individuals with passion for creativity and music.


Low impedance magnetic manipulation ..magnets and small inductors to transform impedance .
Its a great read if you have any interest in stringed instruments  .
But if we consider eddy currents in the pickup loops , there seems to be  some unexploited experimental possibilities.
I recommend reading the whole thread following whatever links still work and making a pickup or 2 (connected to an amp)  and see if they can be made to interact with each other.

There are a few interesting reactions ...no claims just another area where passive interactions with magnet placement using  minimal test equipment can be explored.

It surely can change your thinking about guitar pickups .


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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
Hi Lindsey, cools stuff.

I remember looking into these new low impedance pickups a few years ago and wondered if there was any benefit over conventional designs. I think they certainly can provide for a different tone pallet. My recollection is that the pickups produce a much wider bandwidth that the conventional pickup, and this may be good for some applications, and perhaps not for others. I didn't follow up any further.

One thing that comes to mind regarding the notion of a current based pickup, vs. voltage based, is that there may be more loading on the strings and hence sustain.

What in particular did you or others find that was unusual in the behaviour of these designs?
Group: Elite Experimentalist
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Posts: 254
One of the users  Enzo  had parasitic oscillations as quoted in a response .

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