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Author Topic: JOE CELL Initiative  (Read 5058 times)
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Copper Medium

On planet earth all our copper atoms have one of two different Isotope frequencies.
The ratio between them is about 60/40.

One has an NVR of 88.297 mm/khz
The other is 94.584 mm/khz

Make yourself a scalar Aluminum Bismuth core coil, connect an F gen to it then set the coil on a large copper bar, or ground plate, and enter the realm of vibration science.

Tune up a frequency of 88.297 khz, and run your hand around the bar. You will then start to feel a vibration field bubble that is originating within the mass of the copper, and the larger the mass the stronger this field will become.

Tune up 94.584 khz and note the same sort of field bubble will come up around the copper bar.

Now add the two frequencies together and experience something very unique, all the atoms will align into one spin plane.

88.297 + 94.584 =  182.881 khz

This is the taming of the coper atom, such that 100 percent of all the atoms present will come into a coherent field alignment.

You can palm around this, as if feeling a quartz crystal, and find the dimensions of the field were it seems to stop moving away from the copper bar or plate.

Ask yourself, is this real, what is it, why have I never felt this before, and how come it can be calculated?
How in the world did Dave ever figure this out?

Everyone who ever studied NMR science could never come up with a way to create a field from it without using magnets, or very sensitive EM devices, and when they did, it was never this easy to feel.

If you like set a magnet on the copper bar, and realize that the vibration frequency does not stop working or change frequency!
This kind of energy will overpower the magnet, and the magnet will not cause it to change frequency, because this energy lies underneath the magnetic field.

This energy is connected with the vibration that sustains the copper atoms and gives them ability to self power!
EM rides on the outside of the atoms, this energy comes from the nuclear core of the atoms.

NMR science then is limited to what the electron shell of the atom is doing as a response to the presence of a magnet.
NVR is the root mass resonance at the location of control of atoms dimensions and its recovery response to pull the electron shells back into place.

One can then begin to understand how mass vibration works underneath the EM fields to power atoms.

Previous to this kind of manipulation, NMR was thought to be a very weak interaction, and it is.
NVR however is the root power source of the atom, as a vibration field that is pretty much immune to EM manipulation.
If it were not then atoms could be torn apart using EM fields, and that is not possible!

The holding force of the nucleus of the atom called the strong force is 137 times stronger then EM fields can become.

The experiments pretty much prove out what parts of the atom we are accessing, based on what we know already from physics.

Nuclear manipulation, allows manifesting of elements, from a water cell. There is nothing unscientific about this process.
It is repeatable!

Dave L

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Hello Dave
Based on your previous post I want to give something to read but it is only in German language. It might be useful for you.

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