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2022-11-29, 08:54:36
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Author Topic: Ground Rods With Avramenko Plug  (Read 190 times)
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While I was on one of the early discussion forums, I mentioned that a bias resistor placed on a ground rod should provide a potential difference with a second rod which is at least six feet away.  One of the members reported that he tried it, using an AV Diode Plug, and could light TWO LEDs with the circuit.  So I mentioned that some patent teaches that LEDs can be used for the diodes in a Diode Plug, and that he should be able to light four of them.  Then he left the forum and went off to promote 'his' discovery somewhere else.

So, presuming his report was accurate, what's going on here?  Potential across an unloaded resistance will drop, for instance, to provide grid bias.  With a load, such as an LED, the potential will increase, keeping the power constant as the current drops.  Either way, there's a potential difference between the two ground rods.  And he reported that this differential can drive a load.

Was this purely a manipulation of Earth Potential, or does the effect rely upon so-called "stray voltage" in the neighborhood?  Wouldn't it still be Free Energy either way?   Since I'm off grid, I may try this myself, when I can afford to get a couple of ground rads.

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Hi Jerry.
Your post reminded me of this experiment we did several years ago.


Member Dragon went on to make an automated system that charged a capacitor bank.

Cheers Graham.

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