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2023-01-26, 21:19:08
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Author Topic: OUR Award - Draft Rules, Terms, and Conditions  (Read 23659 times)

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
Terms and Conditions for OUR Award Applications

1) Any person submitting an application for the OUR award must outline in sufficient detail that they have performed adequate measurements to merit their claim and application. This includes electrical, mechanical and heat-producing devices. The measurements and methods must be included with the application. The device must be able to produce a continuous1 output power of 15W (minimum) over and above the total amount of power applied to the device as an input source of power. If and when it is deemed that the applicant's submitted measurements are credible, the applicant will either submit the prototype for testing by OUR, or provide all the details necessary to replicate the device in question. The working device must be replicable.

2) OUR will make additional measurements on an adequate replication (or an applicant-submitted prototype) themselves using their own test equipment, in order to determine the merit of the application, at no cost to the applicant.

3) If the device operates in a self-sustaining mode while producing a continuous1 excess output power of 15W (minimum), and can be properly demonstrated as such, either in person, or with an applicant-submitted prototype, the OUR Award will be granted to the applicant. Alternatively, the applicant may submit to OUR all the details necessary to replicate the device in question.

4) In the event the application is successful and the OUR Award is to be granted, the applicant must first agree to publicly open-source the full details of the submitted device (within thirty days of the completion of the OUR tests) -- then the Award will be granted.

1. "Continuous" in the sense that apart from mechanical or electrical component (excluding battery or source material depletion) failure, the device shall produce this excess energy indefinitely.

the OUR team.
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