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2021-12-07, 11:15:55
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Author Topic: Need New Oscilloscope -- Recommendations  (Read 7108 times)
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Hi guys,

I have an old vintage Tektronix 453 analog scope, which I'm quite fond of,  but I want to get a new scope.   The reasons :

1) I'm very attached to my Tektronix scope, and I'm afraid of damaging it with experimental HV research.
2) I don't have a second probe for the Tektronix , so I can't do 2-channel stuff.
3) It's calibration is a bit off.
4) No computer interface.

So can people make suggestions for scopes in the :

$0-500 price range
$500 - 1000 price range
$1000 - 3000 price range

I don't mind if it has a computer interface and no display.   I'm thinking either something along these lines:

Hantek DSO-2090



or perhaps  one of these:
OWON HDS-N or PDS Series




Any comments?

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...

200MHz, 2-CH. $1500.

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Thanks poynt, that one looks pretty good.  It's tempting to spend the extra $300 and get the 4-channel scope GDS-2204 for  around $1700. 

I think I'll probably buy the cheap $170 one to get started, then I'll probably pick up one of the ones you've referenced.
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