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2023-09-26, 07:28:25
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Author Topic: OUR, window on the world.  (Read 228256 times)
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We have a friend from Holland who has remarkable ability to find things like this
( Dealing with water)
Will see if he can help?
Sounds really neat
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Here's a picture of the hydrofoil board I built this spring to test the monofoil (one wing) design. I also built/tested many two wing foils last year which use a larger main wing up front, fuselage and smaller tail stabilizer wing. The mono foil was surprisingly stable and lifted myself and the board out of the water around 2 mph and cruised around 10 mph behind the boat. We also tried a little wake surfing which was interesting.

The board, mast and foil use a shaped wood core covered in two layers of fiberglass then painted and waxed. This winter I plan on building a new canard based foil which has the main wing in the rear and a smaller stabilizer fin up front. I'm also working on a computer controlled/stabilized foil using a 3 axis gyro and waterproof linear servo actuators I built. In theory the foil control should come up to a predetermined height/depth Z then help dampen movement on the X, Y axis.

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I take comfort in the fact there are people magnitudes more intelligent than I could ever be developing new technology I will probably never understand. It proves evolution works...
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