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2019-03-24, 17:51:11
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Author Topic: The final answer...  (Read 43784 times)
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Is this patent really valid ? I saw Russian video years ago with exact the same embodiment tested experimentally . I piece of wire inside a ferrite core made of ferrite rings glued together with coil on top pulsed.

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Frequency equals matter...

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I was keyed in on the aspect of the helical over the charged carrier.
This has appeared many times in the overunity arena, in all types of configurations.
Most of the people just focus on the individual build instead of the common configuration.

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A new paper that is related to what we were talking about above with the near-field and far-field distinction: "The birth of radiation".
Here the analysis is done in the time domain, and only for the electric field.
"The topology of electric field lines in electric dipole radiation of angular frequency ω changes during each cycle. From the beginning of each cycle to the time tc given by ωtc=√2−arctan (√2−1/√2)≈0.8 there is no reconnection of field lines. In the time interval t=tc to t=1/ω electric field lines separate from the charges on the dipole and close on themselves, but the closed loops eventually die away. For times t=1/ω to t=π/2ω the closed loops do not fade away but fly off to infinity as radiation. This sequence is repeated twice per cycle, with field direction reversal in the second half-cycle."

According to this text, we would therefore have different physical phenomena depending on the time observed in the signal period. I find that surprising.

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